Ginto will typically involve with you as a client starting out with a few informal conversations. We do so to understand your organization and the head aches you are facing.

If we come to an agreement we will typically move on based on an engagement agreement and execute accordingly.

During the entire project we will provide you with regular status reports if you are not directly involved in the implementation.

Depending on the project scope we might engage upon a down payment to cover project investments. We will typically work on a time and material basis, within an agreed budget matching the scope. If we experience unforeseen challenges not clarified in the initial scoping phase, we will agree on how to proceed within the budget or by using extra hours.

On some projects we also engage on a fixed price agreement. This can be done when the project can be clearly scoped. Remember that nothing comes for free and if we have to take a risk the price goes up as we will typically allocate buffer time into the price.

We typically work within a defined scope. Should the scope change during the project, we will agree on changes in writing so you do not get unforeseen bills. Projects might change as the analysis phase of our work reveal additional needs.

We normally charge our fees on a monthly basis relative to completion and expect payment to be received end of the following month. Also on some projects we work with milestone payments. Here receipt of the Payment for completion of one phase will kick start the next phase.

In case of late payments we may put all work on hold until money is received into our account. Planned time for the project affected by such “on hold” will be invoiced at a discounted rate as per our engagement agreement. We might already have committed resources and incurred cost.