The Implementation phase typically starts out with us making a plan defining which team members from your organization are to be involved and how much.

We like that both you and your team involve in the implementation allowing you to take ownership as well as better learn the systems from the inside. It makes your life much easier later on.

After we have made the implementation plan with a time line, we move fast. We aim to work with cloud platforms that easily integrate so the basic setup is typically done within a day.

Following the basic setup we need to do initial configuration of the system for it to work as good as possible within a Japanese context and your workflows. We also make sure that External documents are customized so the are in Japanese, depending on the scope of the project as well as your staffs knowledge we are talking hours, days or weeks.

The next step is migration of historic data into your system. This happens partly in Parallel with the configuration. It can be a relatively complex task depending on the quality and structure of your existing data and the access to this from your legacy systems.

Finally we test before and train before we go live. Depending on your organisation and the complexity of your business testing can take quite some time allowing us to go through all business flows.