Ginto is a small boutique advisory based in Tokyo. We have set up to bridge the gap between Japanese business operations and the wast amount of easy to use cloud solutions found in the international market.

We focus on foreign owned and foreign affiliated companies in Japan but do also work with pure Japanese organizations who want to look outside the Japan software bubble.

We recognize that when you take on the international perspective there for the Japan market is no silver bullet. no cloud platform or cloud eco system works perfect, so the challenge for any organization is to optimize the output of the chosen solutions within the allocated budget.

We believe in making things easier for everyone. that means that workflows should be simplified and work load minimized when ever possible, but what works well for one person in an organization might mean an extra workload for other team members. Sometimes it means doing things in a new way and change can be difficult in Japan, so we aim to involve people on all levels in any implementation process to take ownership of the changes.

Meet the Team

Rune Soelvsteen
Rune Soelvsteen
Partner & CRO

Bringing strong expertise from a number of senior sales, strategic and e-commercial roles.

Mikael Nielsen
Mikael Nielsen
Partner & COO

Bringing a strong Expertise from senior financial, operational and commercial management roles.

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