Cloudbased Payroll software and other HRM solutions are a bit tricky in Japan, as they are tied to local regulations. We will typically recommend a Japanese payroll software but use of time management software that integrate with your cloud portfolio if your business require so. that can be billing of hours as an example.

General human resource administrative software, hiring platforms etc. can also be from international suppliers e.g. if you rely on LinkedIn for job advertisements you might want integration.

Collaboration tools are wast, and it is important that such tools are managed by you company so that you can manage data and privacy regulations as well as protect your data if your team members leave your company.

Good collaboration tools can often be misused and suddenly they are the epicenter of correspondences and workflows that should happen in business critical systems. this leads to unstructured data floating around and information being lost. It is important that your online collaboration tools are inline with your cloud application portfolio to avoid this.