Attract & hire great employees with less effort using E-Recruitment

E-recruitment for everything. From posting jobs to extending offers, HR-ON Recruit is a powerful and intuitive tool. Designed to make life easier by managing all of your recruitment-related tasks in one place.

E-recruitment software with easy to navigate dashboards and smart integrations. You always have a clear picture of where candidates are in your pipeline. A complete overview of outstanding tasks. Share thoughts, feedback, and documents between team members with ease.

Customized career site

Encourage inbound applicants while increasing brand visibility with e-recruitment.

HR-ON can provide you with a personalized career page, tailored to fit the graphic identity of your company. With your brand colors and best company images, you get to express your company’s unique personality. And applicants get the opportunity to put a face to your name.

We have integrated all aspects of the application process. From job posting to candidate submission. And we’ve made it all customisable on the site. The applicant stays on your website throughout the entire application process.

Online job interviews and Video Resumes

The video feature is simple and easy to use. When a company selects a candidate for an interview, they simply need to check a box to indicate that the job interview will take place online.

Soon afterwards, the candidate receives an email. In the mail – in addition to the usual details such as the date and time of the conversation – a link also appears. Therefore the candidate and the recruiting staff just have to click on the link to start the conversation. Neither the candidate nor the employee needs to download any programs – it all takes place directly in your browser.

In a similar easy way candidates can submit Video Resumes directly from the application page.

The Recruitment Process


Get a quick overview of all applicants, easily send e-mails and organize the top candidates.


Comment, rate and assign a status for each candidate, so you always know which action to take next.


Sort the candidates according to experience, education, skills and additional screening questions.

Home screen

Information about latest applications, upcoming interviews and future tasks – integrated with Outlook and other calendars.


HR-ON introduces statistics tailored to your needs and helps you understand where applicants have seen your vacant positions.

Activity log

Overview of ongoing recruitment activities, applicants, conversations, and rejections shared with your colleagues.

Additional Features

Calendar Integration

Control your appointments at any time from anywhere

Do you get your daily overview from your calendar and Outlook?

Then HR-ON e-recruitment can be integrated with your system.

While you can manage all appointments directly in HR-ON Recruit, many users choose to drag system notifications and deadlines into another unified calendar system.


Overview of personal data with HR-ON Recruit

HR-ON Recruit automatically secures your e-recruitment in compliance with current and future data legislation, including GDPR/APPI.

In order to comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation GDPR and Japanese APPI, it is crucial that you have an overview of the personal data that comes into your e-recruitment system. You have to ensure that it is properly processed and that you can document the entire process.

This is virtually impossible if you receive applications by mail.

With HR-ON Recruit you are automatically secured in compliance with all data security rules.


We are here to make your recruitment easier

From HR-ON you can expect no less than great customer support.

An affordable e-recruitment system should not come with expensive extras. That is why, you do not have to pay for support with HR-ON. Our free support is available during normal office hours. Friendly and helpful support staff are located in Tokyo and HR-ON in Odense.

You are always very welcome to call or write if you require further help, or if you have a general question about the system.

Export to PDF or Excel

Easy overview with HR-ON Recruit

HR-ON Recruit is an e-recruitment system and it is generally not necessary to print anything or send any e-mail outside the system, but … sometimes it is also nice to have a piece of paper in your hand or to send a pdf with an overview of selected candidates. Therefore, it is of course also an option in HR-ON Recruit.

You simply select your candidates and, like everything else in the system, you can customize which information you want included in your overview.

Create reports in PDF or export data to Excel – for example selected candidates, notes, evaluations.

Social Media

“Share the love” and find the right employee

Social media is an important tool in the search for new employees, with updates or sponsored posts.

With HR-ON you can share and publish vacant positions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from the system. It is an effective way to inform the company’s followers about new job openings. Any changes made in your original job opening will automatically transfer to external publication platforms.

With sponsored posts, the HR cloud brings an audience profile with a number of factors such as geography, interests and age, and then runs a campaign targeting that exact group.

If you want to publish a job as a sponsored posts, all you have to do, is put a check-mark while creating it. The HR-ON e-recruitment system will automatically take care of the rest.

Your social media channels are not integrated in HR-ON from the start, but it is fast and easy to do. It takes 30 seconds and only requires you to log into your accounts via the HR-ON e-recruitment system. Then all it takes to share job posts on your social media is the click of a button.

It all happens directly from HR-ON, when you publish the job post, optimizing your workflow and saving you time for more important work.

If you want to further market the posts, HR-ON is happy to advise you on your setup and options so that we can ensure the best possible result for your company.

Digital Signature

“Sign here please…”

Our smart document templates give you unlimited possibilities for making documents, contracts, schedules, surveys or similar – it is up to you how you want to use it.

For example, you can create a contract template for any type of employment and from there generate one or several hundred contracts where specific information such as name, salary, special terms and more are automatically inserted based on the variable entries you have defined in the system.

The agreement can then be sent for digital signing and stored in the employees’ master data with specific permissions for viewing, deletion, etc. indicated by you.

Video Applications

Get a different impression with video applications. HR-ON gives you the opportunity to receive video applications.

This format is becoming more widespread, as younger generations are more comfortable with the video format. With HR-ON Recruit you have the opportunity to use that trend and reach the younger demographic.

Video applications give you a unique opportunity to get an impression of the applicant before you choose to interview them in person.