Training is the most essential part of any software implementation. Prior to formal training sessions we have for most platforms provide you and your staffs with general information and training via online resources allowing you to self study. We might also have provided you with sand box environments for some of the systems. Key employees will also prior to formal training have had hands on training as part of the setup, configuration and data migration.

Formal training will be conducted in plenum as well as on one by one basis depending on needs. The hours of training is scoped as part of the project and will typically not involve how people should do their job, but rather focus on how to use the systems and relate those to new workflows. In other words we expect your accountant to know basic accounting so we can focus on the functionality of the systems.

Continued training is a necessity to keep up the skill level. your team members may change roles or leave and new people will join. without proper training handover will typically also involve transfer of “shortcuts” and bad habits so a continued training in your solutions are recommended.

In the period immediately after the go live, we also recommend to include a hyper care period. typically a few weeks to a month with decreasing intensity. This will allow your staff to ask questions and us to find implementation bugs making sure that all users have the best outcome of the investment.