Yuji Yamada

Mr. Yuji Yamada is a seasoned professional in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Development. His career began at CELM Inc., where he supported talent development and organizational development for major corporations. He then served in HR for a major IT venture before co-founding XICA Inc., a BtoB SaaS company, where he held the position of COO.

In 2017, Mr. Yamada founded EnFlow Inc., focusing on organizational strategy for startups and next-generation organizational planning for major companies. He also supports new ventures in HR. As a founding member and representative director of the JINEN Management Institute, a committee member of the White Company Awards, and the HR head of ABEJA Inc., an AI venture, Mr. Yamada engages in various areas to practice, explore, and enlighten new organizational management.

In October 2021, Mr. Yamada founded r3s.jp and took on the role of CEO. He has been involved in discussions with domestic and international experts on Teal organizations and self-management and supports companies aiming for new organizational management.

Mr. Yamada has recently translated and published the book “Work With Source” by Tom Nixon, which was the first book about the Source Principle published in Japan. He is also the coordinator of Rebel Cell Japan of Corporate Rebels Academy starting from January 2024.

In the past two years, Mr. Yamada has located and interviewed more than 50 Japanese companies that are progressive in the way they use HR. He will share insights from these experiences, as well as from the recently published book “Corporate Rebels: Make Work More Fun” at the upcoming seminar. His talk will focus on how progressive organisations have built for self-driven self-autonomous culture, non-hierarchical organizations and people first cultures. He will also share his work to develop organizational pioneers in Japan through building the local Corporate Rebels community.