Ginto Asia G.K.

Ginto Asia G.K. is a Tokyo-based advisory firm that specializes in HR-focused cloud software and platform solutions. As a bridge between Japanese business operations and the vast array of easy-to-use cloud solutions in the international market, Ginto Asia is committed to helping businesses optimize their HR practices.
The company offers a suite of products designed to enhance HR operations and employee experiences. These include HR-ON Staff and HR-ON Recruit, leading ATS & HRIS cloud solutions that centralize all employee data in one secure location. These tools help businesses hire the right candidates and keep their top talent engaged. Ginto Asia also offers the Walor Whistleblower solution, an essential tool for maintaining transparency and accountability in the workplace. Ginto Asia’s mission is to assist SMEs with cloud-based business solutions, from stand-alone inventory management platforms to full-scale virtual ERP implementations. The company supports business owners and subsidiary managers in utilizing internationally recognized best-in-class cloud solutions in a Japanese context, allowing for smooth operation. Whether you’re a foreign-owned company, a foreign-affiliated company in Japan, or a purely Japanese organization looking to step outside the Japan software bubble, Ginto Asia is ready to support your digital transformation needs in HR.