R3S K.K.

R3S, also known as RS3 令三社, is a pioneering company in the realm of Human Resources and Organizational Development. Founded by CEO Mr. Yuji Yamada in October 2021, R3S is dedicated to fostering discussions on Teal organizations and self-management, and supports companies aiming for new organizational management. Mission of R3S The mission of R3S is to contribute to the paradigm shift of the world, by taking part in creating and practicing the new wisdom inside Japan, and sharing them to the world. Vision of R3S R3S envisions a future where new wisdom is continuously circulated through three approaches:

  1. Introducing new wisdom into Japan (in)
  2. Creating new wisdom inside Japan (create)
  3. Sharing the wisdom out to the world (out)
R3S is deeply involved in the exploration and implementation of these innovative strategies, particularly in the context of the AI era. The company’s mission is to revolutionize HR practices and organizational management by promoting self-driven, self-autonomous cultures and non-hierarchical organizations that put people first. In addition to its consulting services, R3S is also known for its educational initiatives. It is the platform through which the Rebel Cell Japan of Corporate Rebels Academy operates, allowing a wider audience to benefit from progressive HR practices. R3S stands as a beacon for progressive HR practices and organizational management in Japan and beyond. Its work is a testament to the power of Teal organizations and the potential they hold for transforming the workplace. About TEAL organizations Teal organizations are defined by three core principles: self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. Self-management refers to the idea that employees are capable of managing themselves without the need for traditional hierarchical structures. Wholeness encourages employees to bring their full selves to work, rather than separating their personal and professional lives. Evolutionary purpose means that the organization has a life and direction of its own, and members are invited to listen and understand what the organization wants to become.