Archives November 2020

Ginto Asia appointed partner for Unleashed inventory and order handling software

We are happy to share that Ginto Asia now is an official partner for Unleashed Software, a Cloud based inventory and order handling solution from New Zealand.

At this time Ginto Asia is the only Unleashed partner in Japan and we are happy to help Japan-based customers with evaluation, implementation and integration of the Unleashed solution twisting the solution to work well in a Japanese context..

Ginto Asia already have one customer in Japan who use Unleashed with integration to Xero accounting and StockTrim inventory planning, handling around 2,000 SKUs, 500+ customers, 50+ suppliers and 8,000+ annual sales orders and in-house assembly.

Unleashed software handle most aspects of Purchase Ordering, Inventory/Warehouse management, Assembly Production and sales order management, including Invoicing. The system is available with English Interface but can handle Japanese Data. Our experience shows that by the proper implementation the system can fulfill 95%+ of local requirements while still leaning on global best practices and all customer facing documents can be made in Japanese language.